The Smorfàcc group, takes its name from the “gai” dialect, which meaning can be interpreted like musicians but also like “weird ones”. The group presents itself like repeaters of the bergamascan and brescan traditional music. While remaining in the folkloristic territory, the arrangements tries to revive the pulsing and energic spirit of this type of music, creating and showing, in some pieces, similes with the kind of music over Alps. The pieces comes from the bell ringer’s repertoire, from resercher’s publications and also from the seek of the group’s members.
This type of music is mainly dancing (walz, polk, mazurk,scottish, monfines) with melodies, singed and not, arranged by the group. Whit the presence the history researcher, Liloni Franco, the Smorfiàcc group wants to offer events that sum to the musical aspect also the cultural one.
The Smorfiàcc group desire to trasmit the passions and the love for a music genre that in this age is understimated, but has still much to comunicate.